About Us


Extraordinary and prestigious projects

We have been the pioneer in the sector by showing the success of realizing many extraordinary and prestigious projects since the day we started to operate.


In line with the systematic and institutional structure of BUYAPI construction, starting from the project phase, we stand out in the sector in the fields of office, workplace, plazas, residential and industrial facility design and construction, as well as high quality, turnkey works including technical innovation, product development, engineering, design and construction.


BUYAPI carries out successful domestic and international projects with the experience of over 35 years of highly experienced executive staff. Also it pays attention to the social responsibility required to become an institution operating in Turkey. In this sense; It carries out projects that are beneficial to the society and can be solutions to problems.


BUYAPI, which positions social responsibility as a part of its corporate culture, prioritizes the principle of continuity while planning its works, believes that social responsibility consists of sustainable projects in terms of future benefits. Our company is based on this principle and focuses on sustainable environment in its projects.